Additional Winners

Here is a list of the other top winners:

#3 Joshua Cothen: CookRight EatRight’s Blackened Pork over Perfect Rice with a Creamy Creole Sauce
Watches WGBH from his home in Hollis, NH

  • US Navy Veteran of nine years. Hailing from 40 miles east of New Orleans, I now live and work with my wife and two children on our family’s farm
  • Cooking Experience: Cooking since the age of eight. Trained by a Cajun Mama and inspired by any cooking shows or books I could get. Love learning about good food!
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: I am always striving to perfect and share techniques and recipes to CookRight and EatRight every day! I want to help the world taste better!

#4 Jenny Belliveau: Introducing the Rutabaga – How to prepare & cook this root vegetable & turn it into a delicious dish to enjoy all year long!
Watches WNET and WLIW Create from her home in Glen Ridge, NJ
  • I’m a cook, blogger & experimenter, inspired by the seasons, markets & leftovers. I work at an ad agency & live in NJ with my husband, Paul.
  • Cooking Experience: I started cooking 10 years ago as a broke post-grad in LA, enchanted by farmers’ markets. I’ve been experimenting with flavors ever since.
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: Create TV celebrates a love of cooking, teaching and sharing food. This is what I’ve tried to achieve with my blog, and what I love to do!

#5 Vincent Williams: Pizza With Vinny
Watches Georgia Public Broadcasting from his home in Lithonia, GA
  • I’m a husband and father of three who enjoys cooking new things
  • Cooking Experience: Home cook, non-professional
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: I enjoy cooking and I’ve never made a cooking video. I thought it would be fun to enter the contest.

#6 Eric Krebs: Eric Krebs’ Slovenian Smoked Sausage
Watches WCVE from his home in Scottsville, VA
  • My wife and I love to cook, entertain and make people happy. More recently I have been preparing traditional family dishes.
  • Cooking Experience: I love to work with a variety of meats and specialize in smoking, grilling and frying foods. I also like bringing old family recipes to life!
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: My wife and I are big fans of Create TV. We enjoy cooking and entertaining. I am excited to be able to share this traditional family recipe.

#7 Darryl Wylie: A Thousand Kinds of Hummus
Watches WOSU from his home in Columbus, OH
  • I enjoy travel, writing and playing music, and comedy of every type – especially questionable! I want to move somewhere warm!
  • Cooking Experience: Mom made superb food and taught me how to properly make biscuits. Dr. David Dowty, a splendid cook, informed my palate and cooking style.
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: I am food-obsessed! I have a knack for teaching and love being on stage. Current mission: to show how veggies can be bold, tasty and easy.

#8 Trevor Wilson: Artisan Bread from Home with Trevor J. Wilson
Watches Vermont PBS from his home in Grand Isle, VT
  • Bread baker, blogger, weightlifter, and, now…budding videographer! (Thank you, Create TV!)
  • Cooking Experience: I’ve been baking bread for almost 15 years, having worked in some of Vermont’s finest bakeries.
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: People are fascinated by bread-baking, and I wanted to show them it’s not magic. They can make it themselves!

#9 Rey Landrian, Jr.: Grilled Eggplant Recipe
Watches WPBT from his home in Pembroke Pines, FL
  • I am 30 years old and, WOW, I have a passion for food and cooking. I love learning and teaching about food.
  • Cooking Experience: I am a classically trained chef. I graduated from Johnson & Wales University. I am currently a Sous Chef and make videos.
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: I would love the chance to work with Create TV so I could continue to share my abilities, as well as my home craft.

#10 Julie Booher: Julie’s Buttermilk Pralines with Quick Chocolate Banana Ice Cream
Watches South Carolina ETV from her home in Mt. Pleasant, SC
  • I am a lover of all things culinary, with a bubbly personality. I enjoy sharing everything that Charleston and the South have to offer.
  • Cooking Experience: I’m a life-long home baker, with experiences in catering and working in a bakery in the heart of Washington, D.C.
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: Baking is my life-long passion and I want to share my modern take on traditional family and historical recipes with other food lovers.

#11 Nikky Phinyawatana: Enjoy Life and Enjoy Great Asian Food with Nikky’s Pad Thai
Watches KERA from her home in Dallas, TX
  • I am a restauranteur and mom who moved to Dallas from Thailand. I am filling the gap to help everyone enjoy life and great Asian food.
  • Cooking Experience: I have been cooking since I was five. I grew up in a Thai kitchen and an American kitchen. I went to El Centro Culinary in 2005. Cooking is my passion!
  • I am passionate about sharing the love of Asian Fusion cuisine and want people to understand the simplicity of cooking it and enjoying it!

#12 Maka Bakhbava: Baked Rice with Eggplant and Basil
Watches Connecticut Public Television from her home in Newtown, CT
  • I live in Connecticut with my family and work at a relocation company. I am originally from the country of Georgia. I love cooking, video and photography.
  • Cooking Experience: I love exploring the culinary heritage of other countries. I am currently interested in Georgian, Maltese and Quebecoise cuisines.
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: I love programming on Create TV and PBS. I started a YouTube cooking channel called “ColorMeFood,” and I would love to have a career in this field!

#13 Amy Kayne: Roasted Cauliflower Bites with Tahini Sauce and Dehydrated Onion Dust
Watches Maine Public Broadcasting from her home in Portland, ME
  • I’ve been raised around two amazing food cultures: Lebanese and Italian. As a result I have a passion for food. I am currently a private chef.
  • Cooking Experience: I staged a local farm to table restaurant for 120 hours with constant studying and testing recipes. This inspired my business as a private chef.
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: I love to teach and share my knowledge of food. I’m hopeful that I can enlighten others to take what I teach to fulfill their nourishment in their own ways.

#14 Cliff Pelloni: Kitchen Dad’s Cauliflower Buffalo Bites
Watches Georgia Public Broadcasting from his home in Roswell, GA
  • I’m just a guy who likes to cook: a Kitchen Dad. I try to teach my two young boys (eight and ten) about cooking and about what I call “real food.”
  • Cooking Experience: My Mom was German and my Dad was Italian, so we had LOTS of great food growing up. I cook for my family and it seems I am always cooking for my friends and neighbors!
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: I want to help people learn how to cook “real food” with their friends and families, while having fun in the kitchen.

#15 Njeri Wright: WPS Food Edition 003: Njahi-Turkey Stew with Pilau Rice
Watches Oklahoma Educational Television Authority (OETA) from her home in Edmond, OK
  • I love to tell inspiring stories about food, travel and culture using photography an video as my media. My work is on
  • Cooking Experience: I love to create and cook delicious, tasty and healthy homemade meals for my family and friends. I love a challenge and experiment a lot!
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: I’m inspired by the Create TV chefs as they share easy cooking techniques with different foods and unique ingredients from around the world.

#16 Anthony Gargano: Cutting the Perfect, Tear-Free Onion
Watches WTTW from his home in South Elgin, IL
  • I am 28 years old. I am married to my wonderful wife, Kristy. I am a very outgoing and funny person and love to take care of others.
  • Cooking Experience: I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in 2009 and studied in Italy. I worked at the Purple Pig. I currently serve as the Lead Culinary Instructor at the Cooking Skills Academy.
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: I have always wanted my own show so I could teach everyday home cooks the tricks and secrets to cooking like the pros. I have tried out for The Food Network Star twice.

#17 Colleen Lukas: Chef Colleen Lukas – Restaurant Cooking at Home: Tips and Techniques to Make Your “Nights In” Feel Like “Nights Out!”
Watches WLIW from her home in Valhalla, NY
  • At age 30, I decided to leave my job in finance and follow my passion for cooking. I went to culinary school and pursued a career as a chef.
  • Cooking Experience: I have extensive cooking, dining and travelling experience. I went to ICE Culinary and have worked at Moderne Barn, X20, Xavier’s at Piermont, and as a private chef.
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: I love Create! I feel the channel has a great mix of authentic cooking shows and I that I have an additional perspective to contribute.

#18 Andrew Woods: How to butcher a whole chicken – and what to do with it!
Watches Maryland Public Television from his home in Baltimore, MD
  • I am a passionate home cook who was raised in the South. I studied in the South of France and am dedicated to spreading the message of good food to everyone!
  • Cooking Experience: I learned to cook from my mother in Charleston, South Carolina. I fell in love with French cuisine in Provence. I appeared on Season 6 of MasterChef on FOX TV.
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: I want to de-mystify proper techniques, seemingly complicated recipes and classic cooking for my fellow home cooks!

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