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Gerry Field

Vice President, Technology
Gerry Field joined American Public Television (APT) in 2007 as Vice President of Technology and Distribution Services. In this role, Field oversees the IT and Distribution Services departments and is responsible for delivering APT’s extensive program catalog to 340+ public television stations nationwide. Field also works on APT’s digital media objectives, helping the company find new and improved ways to distribute programming.

Field has more than 20 years of production and engineering project management experience in broadcast, cable television, broadband, and distance learning. For many years, he was Operations Manager for WGBH Boston's Media Access Group/Descriptive Video Service and a Project Director with WGBH's National Center for Accessible Media. In addition, Field has experience managing streaming video and audio technologies, including high-definition and IP multicast systems, and served as a consultant for Dr. Robert Ballard’s Institute for Exploration.

He is a frequent contributor to technical standards organizations, and has expertise on program accessibility issues such as closed captioning, video description and regulatory compliance. In 2000, Field was named a Laureate in the Computerworld-Smithsonian Awards program.
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