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August Showcases

Aug. 7 - 9
Marcus’ Food Tour
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Explore the wide-ranging diversity of immigrant traditions and cuisine in America with this special showcase of No Passport Required. Chef Marcus Samuelsson visits Seattle for Filipino food, Los Angeles for Armenian food and Houston for West-African food, along with stops in Philadelphia, Las Vegas and Boston, for a taste of each city's culture and community.

Aug. 14 - 16
American Transformations
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Discover the architectural, engineering and urban-planning wonders that changed America. Host Geoffrey Baer, along with historians and experts, highlight the homes, modern marvels, monuments, streets and parks that revolutionized the way Americans lived, worked and played.

Aug. 21 - 23
Plates And Places
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Stamp your culinary passport with this special showcase of Joanne Weir's Plates and Places. Join the James Beard Award-winning chef as she creates easy, enticing meals inspired by her international travels. She goes caper-hunting along the Aegean, spit-roasts lamb for a feast in Syros and sources San Marzano tomatoes in Italy.

Aug. 28 - 30
Best of Sewing With Nancy
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Join Create as we remember and celebrate public television pioneer Nancy Zieman. In this five-hour showcase, you'll learn to sew like a pro with back-to-back "best-of" episodes of her long-running series, "Sewing With Nancy."

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