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Desert Dogs & Friends sponsored by Reconnecting Roots

WHEN: Wednesday, Nov. 13 @ 9:00 p.m.

WHERE: Vista Verde

Desert Dogs is an annual Fall Marketplace sing-along featuring PTV programming talent and special guests. Come join the fun! Got any requests? If it's a song we know and we feel like we can pull it off, chances are good we'll give it a go!  Send requests to

Reconnecting Roots is a half-hour series hosted by Gabe McCauley. Its purpose is to bridge (reconnect) the generational gap by portraying American progress through music, culture, and history over the last 150 years while highlighting what values we may be losing as time goes on. We’re reconnecting to our shared history in order to better understand where we’re going. Start a conversation @reconnectingrootstv and visit to learn more.

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