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Professional Development Session: QCatalyst's "Digital: From Headache to Hallelujah"

WHEN: Wednesday, Nov. 13 at 4:30 p.m.

WHERE: Grand Coronado Ballroom

SESSION TITLE: Digital: From Headache to Hallelujah
Presented by Jason Seiken, CEO of QCatalyst, and Alexis Rapo, Senior Partner at QCatalyst

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Programmers, station colleagues and producers

DESCRIPTION: Jason Seiken, CEO QCatalyst, and Alexis Rapo, Senior Partner QCatalyst, have run digital at organizations such as PBS, WGBH, The Washington Post, and ABC-TV. In this session, they discuss what they’ve learned working with 38 stations on the CPB-funded Digital Cultural Accelerator and share tips for using digital to grow your station’s audience engagement and membership.

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