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Professional Development Session: "Stayin’ Alive: Legal News You Need To Know" sponsored by Outside: Beyond the Lens


WHEN: Monday, Nov. 11 from 5:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

WHERE: Arizona 1

SESSION TITLE: Stayin’ Alive: Legal News You Need To Know
Presented by: Melodie Virtue, Esq., Principal, Foster Garvey

WHAT TO EXPECT: Learn about the FCC’s modernization of broadcast rules to reflect the morphing media environment, with a rule change just about every month and what it means for you as station management and producers, as well as other hot button enforcement issues such as underwriting sponsorships and indecency, license renewals, online public file tricks, the fast-approaching biennial ownership reports, and what’s cued up for future action.

About the sponsor:
In Outside: Beyond the Lens, Jeff Aiello and his Emmy Award-winning crew tell the stories of travel cinematically, bringing to life their experiences at some of the most beautiful travel destinations on Earth. Along the way, they discover that the people, the food and the unplanned adventures of a trip are what the joy of exploration is all about. See a sizzle from this exciting new series releasing in Spring 2020 that goes beyond the lens, to where the real magic of travel is found.

* Please note: These sessions are INCLUDED as part of your registration fee. Please sign up for the PD sessions when you register so we may plan accordingly.

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