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Professional Development Session: Steve McGowan's "Media Research You Will Want to Know For 2020!" sponsored by Fit 2 Stitch


WHEN: Thursday, Nov. 14, 9:45 -10:30 a.m.*

WHERE: Grand Coronado Ballroom

SESSION TITLE: "Media Research You Will Want to Know For 2020!"
Presented by Steve McGowan

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Programmers, station colleagues and producers. No press allowed.

For years, networks and advertisers have openly courted certain demos, as if all the same. These days, audiences are watching video whenever and wherever they want and live viewing continues to decline. See how the shotgun approach of scheduling and promoting "Saturday night at 8" only works for sections of your audience.

And with the 2020 political races shaping up there are pockets of the country that will be inundated with a sea of endless campaign ads. Do you live in a "Super Swing State?" Which cable news network audience is the "most conservative" and which have the most active voters? We will compare PTV viewers to cable's news trio based on registered party, self-proclaimed sense of political orientation and activity.

Bring your thinking caps and be prepared to challenge what we've thought for years.

FIT 2 STITCH gives viewers a chance to develop the skills needed to fit and sew clothing. In Season 8, host Peggy Sagers sews nine pieces that can be turned into 27 outfits at home! Peggy and her team teach viewers how to create new garments and personalize their wardrobe. She also introduces new ways to get creative with clothes, delving into the art of fabric painting, embroidery techniques, and even a guest session on the age-old craft of smocking. Presented by KERA.

* Please note:These sessions are INCLUDED as part of your registration fee. Please sign up for the PD sessions when you register so we may plan accordingly.

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