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Through Our Eyes Breakfast sponsored by Sesame Workshop
Join Sesame Workshop and WNET for breakfast and a discussion of Through Our Eyes. Details>>
Tastes of the United States Opening Reception sponsored by America the Bountiful
Celebrate the flavors of the United States with cookbook author and radio host Capri Cafaro. Details>>
Lunch Sponsored by Create and WORLD
Learn the latest exciting developments from the two multicast and multiplatform channels. Details>>
Lunch sponsored by Roadtrip Nation
Join Roadtrip Nation for an al fresco celebration to mark 20 years of programming. Details>>
Networking Break sponsored by To Dine For with Kate Sullivan, Season 6
Join host Kate Sullivan for some great snacks and a sneak peek at Season 6. Details>>
Newcomers' Welcome hosted by APT President & CEO Jim Dunford
Come meet APT's new President & CEO, Jim Dunford, and APT staff as they welcome you to APT Fall Marketplace. Details>>
Stretch Break - Movement that Inspires: Celebrate 25 Years of Classical Stretch on Public Television with Miranda Esmonde-White
Join healthy aging expert Miranda Esmonde-White for an energizing movement break. Details>>
YNDI Yoga • Courage
Begin your day with a transformative yoga practice to make you feel full of vitality. Details>>
YNDI Yoga • Vision
Begin your day with a transformative yoga practice to make you feel full of vitality! Details>>
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