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Wine First Opening Reception sponsored by Tellus Works Television
Enjoy an Opening Reception all about wine! Join Tellus Works Television and learn more about Wine First! Details>>
Bacon and Boogie Breakfast With Michael Kaeshammer sponsored by APT Premium Service
Enjoy a relaxing Nordic-themed breakfast and learn more about latest season of New Scandinavian Cooking. Details>>
Rise and Shine Breakfast with Create and WORLD!
Join Create and WORLD for breakfast and hear updates on the channels. Details>>
Professional Development Session: "Stayin’ Alive: Legal News You Need To Know" sponsored by Outside: Beyond the Lens
Come learn about FCC’s modernization of broadcast rules and more in this legal news session. Details>>
Professional Development: TRAC Media Research Seminar Sessions sponsored by Outside: Beyond the Lens
Join us for a data-driven, analysis-rich professional development session led by TRAC Media. Details>>
Hayao Miyazaki: 10 Years With the Master Breakfast sponsored by NHK WORLD-JAPAN
Join NHK WORLD-JAPAN for breakfast and learn about award-winning filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki. Details>>
Lunch sponsored by Roadtrip Nation - celebrating 15 years!
Join Roadtrip Nation for a lunch featuring new specials and series, stories of impact, and more. Plus, don't miss the Green RV! Details>>
Lunch sponsored by WETA & The Good Road
Meet Nightly Business Report’s Bill Griffeth and hear his thoughts on trends in the global markets and more! Details>>
Newcomers' Welcome hosted by Joseph and Julie Rosendo from Joseph Rosendo's Travelscope
Meet Travelscope host and producers Joseph and Julie Rosendo, APT staff, and other colleagues at this reception for newcomers. Details>>
John Tesh: Songs & Stories from the Grand Piano Meet & Greet
Check out John Tesh's new pledge special and hear about his 25 year career in entertainment! Details>>
Grab some hors d'oeuvres and check out a variety of shows coming your way! Details>>
Sponsored Break by Bare Feet With Mickela Mallozzi
Discover more about the latest season of Bare Feet With Mickela Mallozzi and see what's in store for you at this exciting break! Details>>
Kid Stew Season 3 Networking Break sponsored by WPBT/South Florida PBS
Author James Patterson shares what's new in the third season of Kid Stew at this networking break. Details>>
Desert Dogs & Friends sponsored by Reconnecting Roots
Don't miss this annual singalong! PTV programming talent and guests unite for a night of fun and music. Details>>
Professional Development Session: Steve McGowan's "Media Research You Will Want to Know For 2020!" sponsored by Fit 2 Stitch
Don't miss Steve McGowan's presentation on viewing behavior changes, its impact on scheduling and more. Details>>
Stretch Break sponsored by Aging Backwards 3 Fast Track With Miranda Esmonde-White
Take a stretch break, grab a snack, and learn all about Miranda Esmonde-White's latest projects. Details>>
APT PitchFest Live 2019!
Attend APT PitchFest Live 2019, the culmination of a programming competition where finalists will vie -- live -- for the Grand Prize. Up to $75,000 in production funds await. Details>>
Morning Yoga Session With Stacey sponsored by SCETV & Yoga in Practice
Start your Wednesday off with some exercise! Join Stacey Millner-Collins for a morning yoga session. Details>>
Morning Yoga With Stacey sponsored by SCETV & Yoga in Practice
Start your Tuesday off with some exercise! Join Stacey Millner-Collins for a morning yoga session. Details>>
Patrick Butler, CEO of America’s Public Television Stations, presents “What To Expect From Washington?”
Mystified by what is happening day to day on the Hill? Join Patrick Butler for an informative presentation on federal funding, politics, elections and more. Details>>
Professional Development Session: QCatalyst's "Digital: From Headache to Hallelujah"
Learn about the CPB-funded Digital Cultural Accelerator and hear tips on using digital to grow your station’s audience. Details>>
PTPA Presents: "Best Break Strategies and Presenting Station Toolkit" sponsored by Outside: Beyond the Lens
At this PTPA meeting, explore how to maximize local breaks and learn what it takes to be a presenting station. Details>>
The McLaughlin Group Reception presented by Maryland Public Television
Join the new host of The McLaughlin Group, Tom Rogan, for an evening reception and learn more about the show where friends disagree, agreeably. Details>>
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