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American Public Television's variety of programming services encompass both domestic and international distribution in addition to non-commercial multicast channels.

On an annual basis, APT's three core programming services — Syndication, Premium Service and Exchange — collectively provide nearly 4,000 hours of content to help the 340+ independent public television stations across the United States customize and strengthen their broadcast schedules. Each service specializes in different genres:

  • Syndication: feature-film packages, international productions (drama, comedy, documentary). APT Syndication WILL NOT consider the following genres: children's, how-to/lifestyle, game shows, public affairs, music series, magazine shows or foreign language films/documentaries.  For those categories you may wish to consider APT Exchange.

  • Premium Service: high-quality specials designed to support public television on-air fundraising.

  • Exchange: how-to, lifestyle and travel series; documentaries

In 1999, APT introduced APT Worldwide, its international licensing division responsible for providing high-quality, innovative, factual content to the global marketplace.  In 2006, APT launched the national Create® TV channel featuring the best of public television’s lifestyle programming. One year later, the public affairs and documentary channel WORLD℠ premiered, which in 2011 expanded into a multi-platform offering.

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