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PTPA Presents: "Best Break Strategies and Presenting Station Toolkit" sponsored by Outside: Beyond the Lens



WHEN: Monday, Nov. 11 @ 4:00 p.m.

WHERE: Arizona 1

SESSION TITLE: PTPA Presents: Best Break Strategies and Presenting Station Toolkit
Presented by: Val VanDerSluis
Director of Programming, Content and Social Media, KTWU
President, PTPA

Jason Viso
Director of Programming & Content, LPB
Vice President, PTPA

Join PTPA for a discussion on how to utilize your local breaks to keep viewers tuned-in, maximize audience engagement and manage the multiple requests from all areas of your station to incorporate within local breaks. Then, hear about what it takes to be a presenting station, the benefits, the potential revenue, and how to engage with local producers to see you as a resource for extended distribution of their content.

About the sponsor:
In Outside: Beyond the Lens, Jeff Aiello and his Emmy Award-winning crew tell the stories of travel cinematically, bringing to life their experiences at some of the most beautiful travel destinations on Earth. Along the way, they discover that the people, the food and the unplanned adventures of a trip are what the joy of exploration is all about. See a sizzle from this exciting new series releasing in Spring 2020 that goes beyond the lens, to where the real magic of travel is found.


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