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APT PitchFest Live 2019!

WHEN: Thursday, Nov. 14 from 8:50 to 9:45 a.m.

WHERE: Grand Coronado Ballroom


Have you been looking for something promising for your pledge schedule? Or are you a producer with a great pledge program idea to help stations build members and achieve great success in on-air fundraising? If so, you’ll want to attend APT PitchFest Live 2019! at this year’s meeting. Perhaps you will be one of the finalists who rise to the top of all entries!

Producers may submit strong pledge show ideas – with innovative twists – through October 4 for the APT PitchFest 2019 competition. Entries will be reviewed and narrowed down to three to five top entries to be presented for a live, on-stage “pitch fest” before a panel of seasoned content executives. Finalists will vie for the Grand Prize before hundreds of public media programmers, station managers, national producers and marketing teams. The finalists will be judged on multiple points, including the quality of the proposal, chance of success, innovative aspects, and the execution of their pitch.

The winner will receive the Grand Prize award ranging up to $75,000 in production funds, plus assistance in bringing the content to fruition, anticipated distribution access to the U.S. public media market via APT, a free registration to APT Fall Marketplace 2020, and additional production benefits.

The APT PitchFest Live 2019! winner will be announced from the stage at the close of Thursday’s pitch session.

Interested? Read more and submit your entry at

(You may submit multiple entries. However, each entry must be submitted separately).

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