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YNDI Yoga • Courage

Wednesday, Nov. 8 @ 6:30 a.m. PT

Begin your day with a transformative yoga practice to make you feel full of vitality, led by international yoga teacher, visual artist, and creator of YNDI Yoga, Lana Vogestad. YNDI Yoga Season 3 is inspired by archetypes of empowerment, and this session will give you tools to align with Vision to achieve your goals. Lana has taught extensively in Iceland, the Netherlands, Atlanta, and New England, including Cliff House Maine and the nonprofit Yoga and Cancer Program.

All levels are welcome to ‘meet yourself where you are’ and connect to something bigger. Each participant will receive artwork that embodies the practice, created by a renowned Icelandic designer. Wear comfortable clothing. Mats provided or bring your own.

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