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Banners - Standing sponsored

Monday, Nov 14 – Wednesday, Nov 16
Sponsorship fee: $500+

A standing banner gives visibility to your program, and will be located in a high-traffic area in the General Session or the Royal Palm Foyer. Provide an image according to specs, and we’ll have the banner printed and shipped to the hotel. Banners are a single or double-sided 24x90" stretch fabric, printed in full color. Double-sided have the same image on either side. The pillowcase-style banner slips over the aluminum frame, and a zipper on the bottom secures the banner tautly on the frame. It is lightweight and includes a carrying bag (we can ship it to you after the market, at your expense). Sponsor pays for cost of banner and shipping, estimated at $300/single-sided or $420/double-sided, plus the sponsorship fee.

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