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Lobby Décor sponsored

Sponsorship Fee: $3,000+

Set up Monday, Nov 11 from 8am-11:30am
Open Monday, Nov 11 from 12:00pm through Thursday Nov 14 at 11:30am
Breakdown anytime between Wednesday 11/13 after 7:00pm until noon on Thursday, 11/14.
Exact end times are pending the final agenda

The Lobby Décor Sponsorship offers 2.5-3 days of dedicated space to promote to producers, programmers and station personnel. Décor will be located near the APT Registration Desk and General Session for maximum traffic. The sponsorship fee includes 4-5 meeting tables, 6-foot draped table, and space for 2 standing banners. Audio/visual, electrical drop and/or internet connection are additional.

Contact Judy Barlow by August 15 to request this sponsorship.
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