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Networking Break

Sponsorship Fee: $1,000+

  • Tuesday, 11/15 morning or afternoon sponsored
  • Wednesday, 11/16 morning sponsored
  • Sponsor coffee, tea and snacks during program screenings to give your program visibility. In addition to the benefits listed below, we will schedule the break adjacent to our presentation of your program (if your program is being offered in November). Sponsor pays for cost of refreshments estimated at $3,500, plus sponsorship fee. Sponsor benefits include:

    • Up to 2 minutes to speak and show video at the podium (total)
    • Acknowledgement and thank you during the General Session
    • Promotion on APT website
    • Promotion in APT e-newsletter(s)
    • APT Fall Marketplace sponsor sign
    • Listing in Agenda
    • Waived stuffing fee to promote your Break in the tote bags

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