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Professional Development Sessions

Monday, 11/5
Thursday, 11/8

This is a special promotional opportunity for anyone interested in reaching station development, programming executives, or the producer community. Each session is hosted by our programming team or guest experts and covers current industry topics. The sponsor of these sessions will enjoy dedicated and visible branding to a targeted audience. Attendance by the sponsor is not required.

The sponsorship fee of $1,000 includes the following benefits:
  • Sponsor-branded Workshop description in the meeting agenda
  • Sponsor-branded Workshop description on the website
  • Promotion in APT e-newsletter(s)
  • APT Fall Marketplace sponsor sign
  • Sponsorship acknowledged and thanked by speakers at the podium
  • An opportunity to distribute literature and/or giveaways at the Workshop
  • Waived stuffing fee for a promotional item/flyer in our meeting bags

Contact Judy Barlow by August 10 to request this sponsorship.

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