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EXPO Booth

Date: Tuesday, November 15 (tentatively, 6-8 p.m.)
Sponsorship Fee: $1,700+ single / $2,750+ double

Host a booth to promote your program or services at this lively evening event! Mingle with program managers, station personnel, talent and producers. APT provides food and drink, and your giveaways round out a fun-filled evening. Your EXPO booth fee includes the following:

  • Advance promotion on APT website
  • Two (2) guest meal tickets (to be used at meals or receptions, not General Session)
  • Registrant list for advance use (provided on request after Oct. 14)
  • Pipe & drape booth
  • Booth strip sign
  • Electrical drop
  • Event food & beverage provided by APT
  • Listing in Agenda
  • Waived stuffing fee to promote your booth in the meeting tote bags

Download the EXPO Form for more details.

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