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Staff Directory

Executive Office Phone Ext.
Cynthia Fenneman President and CEO 144
Rosemary Marbach Office & Internship Program Manager, Executive Assistant 148
Programming & Program Services
Shawn Halford Executive Vice President, Content, and Vice President, Exchange & Digital Services 156
Dan Soles Vice President, Syndication & Premium Service 139
David Rubinsohn Director of Syndication & Pledge Programming 151
Alison Schmidt Syndication Content Manager 152
Erin Bowles Manager, Premium Service and Content Administration 146
Hilary Finkel Buxton Director, Content Development and Production Executive, Exchange 154
Lauren Mills Director, Content Acquisition, Exchange 164
Andrew Clarke Communications Editor, Exchange 133
Kendrick Terrell Evans Digital Content Manager, Exchange 140
Lex Oberwetter Digital Assets Specialist 141
Katiana Rodriguez Content Administrator 136
Sarah Moskowitz Content Evaluation and Administration Specialist 153
Nelsa Gidney Program Executive (212) 308-3133
Business Development
Judy Barlow Vice President, Business Development 138
Tom Davison Director, Business Development 160
Kevin McKenna Director, International Sales 143
David Potashnik Content Assistant 167
Olivia Wong Vice President, Marketing and Communications 129
Nicole Casinelli Graphic Designer 127
Dawn Anderson Communications Manager 149
Kerry Taylor Managing Editor, Research and Media 121
Ajani Martin-Abascal Marketing and Communications Associate 150
Jennifer Fisher Marketing and Station Relations Manager 122
Viewer Services Line 202
Technology & Distribution Services
Anand Kavalapara Vice President, Technology 132
Justin Goltermann Director, Information Technology 172
Erin Djerf Rodenhiser Director, Technical Operations 147
Alan Gindelsky Network Manager 159
Robyn Mills Manager, Distribution Services 134
Brendan Ryan Applications Developer 158
Finance & Administration
Paul Higgins Vice President, Finance & Chief Administrative Officer 123
Nick Pollard Controller 130
Felix Kats Accounting Associate 128
Rachel Turell Office Assistant 120
Sonya Harvey-Justiniano Contracts Administrative Assistant 124
Randi Lee Senior Contracts Specialist 155

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