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APT Syndication seeks out and secures programming from domestic and foreign producers and sells it to interested public television stations. This service acquires and distributes many popular genres, including dramas, comedies, documentaries, musical performances, feature film packages and more.

Popular titles include:

Doc Martin
In this comedy drama series, actor Martin Clunes stars as the brash doctor Martin Ellingham, whose blunt opinions and tactless manner cause mayhem in a small Cornish community.

Midsomer Murders
Based on the popular novels of Caroline Graham, Midsomer Murders follows detectives John Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon) and Benjamin Jones (Jason Hughes) as they investigate the gruesome goings-on in the seemingly picturesque English county of Midsomer. Full of the best elements of the classic British murder mystery, Midsomer Murders is a fascinating and suspenseful drama series.

Public Television Feature Film Package
The Public Television Feature Film Package explores the work of legendary actors and actresses in some of their greatest cinema classics. In these films, presented without interruption, viewers will enjoy an array of noteworthy performances, ranging from Audrey Hepburn’s iconic turn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Will Smith’s enthralling portrayal of Muhammad Ali in the 2001 film Ali.

Frankie Drake Mysteries
In 1920s Toronto, the city's only female private detectives defy expectations and rebel against conventions to crack the cases the police don't want to touch. Frankie Drake Mysteries stars Lauren Lee Smith (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation) as Frankie and Chantel Riley (Race) as Trudy, a dynamic investigative duo who explore every cross-section of Toronto, from the seedy underbelly to the lavish homes of the elite.

Escape to the Chateau
Escape to the Chateau follows U.K. residents Dick Strawbridge and his partner Angel as they leave their two-bedroom flat in Southend for a beautiful 45-room chateau in northern France with designs on making it a venue for weddings and other grand events. The only problem is it doesn't have electricity, water, or proper plumbing. Dick and Angel must juggle family life with making much-needed improvements on the chateau, as they race to make it presentable in time for wedding season.

Hinterland focuses on DCI Tom Mathias (Richard Harrington - Poldark), a brilliant but troubled man on the run from his London past. Mathias is at the heart of every story. He knows that the key to solving a murder lies not in where you look for truth, but how you look. His partner in crime-solving is DI Mared Rhys (Mali Harries- Foyle's War).Mared is intelligent and complex, with demons of her own to conceal. Together, enigmatic outsider Mathias and hometown girl Rhys form an engaging partnership.

Please note: Syndication does not represent fully sponsored programming or programming that would be "free" to stations. We do NOT consider interstitial material or programming in the lifestyle/how-to or children's genres.

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