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Cynthia Fenneman

President and CEO
Cynthia Fenneman is President and CEO of American Public Television (APT), the leading syndicator of high-quality, viewer-favorite programs to U.S. public television's 340+ stations. With more than 35 years of broadcasting and production experience, she brings invaluable knowledge of the media industry to her post. During her tenure, she has led the company in new strategic and creative directions – from the 2006 launch of Create TV, the dynamic 24/7 lifestyle channel, to the 2010 distribution of WORLD, the nonfiction news and documentary channel. She has been honored with more than 40 international, national and regional awards, including 12 Emmys® and a Peabody, and is a frequent juror for the International Emmys, Banff World Television Festival, duPont-Columbia Awards, Realscreen and other content review panels
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