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David Fournier

Vice President, Finance and Administration
David P. Fournier has more than 30 years of experience in the financial field and has been the Vice President of Finance and Administration at American Public Television (APT) since 1997. In this role, Fournier is responsible for the financial health of the organization and oversees the accounting, budgeting, contracts and administrative aspects of the company.

During his tenure, Fournier has been responsible for maintaining the company's accounting records and control systems as well as directing the annual operating plan process. He is also directly involved in negotiating contracts with the company’s multicast ventures, worldwide sales and all domestic business endeavors. His accomplishments include increasing the fund balance of the company by more than $7 million, acquiring and renovating new office space for the company’s operations, initiating and developing the company’s IT function and planning and overseeing the logistics of the company’s annual customer meeting.

Fournier has held a variety of financial positions in an assortment of industries, including capital goods manufacturing, health care, and telecommunications. He has also handled financial management for professional athletes and entertainers. Fournier began his career with Touche Ross, an international accounting and auditing firm.

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