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Eric Luskin

Vice President, Syndication & Premium Service
Eric Luskin, Vice President of Syndication and Premium Service at American Public Television (APT), is an award-winning public television executive with more than 30 years of experience in programming and production.

As Vice President of the Syndication division, Luskin seeks a broad range of quality programming from a variety of domestic and foreign sources, negotiates contract terms for broadcast, and coordinates program selection for the company’s annual program sales events. As Vice President of the Premium Service division, he oversees the identification, acquisition and distribution of fund-raising programming for public television.

Luskin joined APT in 1996 after many years at New Jersey Network, where he served as Program Director and in a number of other capacities.

Luskin has received several prestigious industry honors, including three Mid-Atlantic Regional Emmy® Awards and a Gold Plaque from the Chicago International Film Festival. He has served as an elected board member for the Philadelphia and New England chapters of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.
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