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American Public Television Announces Industry Awards at Fall Marketplace 2010

BOSTON (Dec. 13, 2010) -- American Public Television (APT), a leading distributor of programming to the nation’s public television stations, honored industry innovators John Porter and Charlie Pinsky with prestigious awards at its annual Fall Marketplace meeting in La Quinta, Calif.

Former APT CEO John Porter received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from both the current APT President and CEO, Cynthia Fenneman, and former APT President and CEO, Joe Zesbaugh.

Porter, a native of Avoca, New York, began his public television career as president of WXXI in Rochester in 1966. He served on the Board of Trustees for American Public Television (then known as the Eastern Educational Network), and was named the company’s Executive Director in 1969.

“John Porter is truly one of the pioneers of public television,” Fenneman said. “During his reign at the helm of APT, John helped to create a vital, necessary, alternative service.”

“John was instrumental in developing innovative programs and developing creative distribution techniques so that stations could strengthen and customize their schedule,” Zesbaugh added. “John nourished (APT) into a reliable and valued source of programming for public television, and his vision served as the foundation for this company for many years to come.”

During his 29-year tenure as Executive Director of APT, Porter helped the company grow into a leading distributor of high-quality, top-rated programming to America’s public television stations. During his tenure, the company was the first to distribute long-running public television favorites, including Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, The French Chef With Julia Child, the original Three Tenors pledge program, Nightly Business Report, Dr. Andrew Weil, and Lord of the Dance.

Influential public television executive David Liroff was the first recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, presented at APT’s Fall Marketplace 2008 in Ft. Myers, Florida.

APT also recognized industry leader Charlie Pinsky as its “Producer of the Year” for 2010. Pinsky has a long and successful history in spearheading hit lifestyle programs for American Public Television viewers. These programs include: Spain….on the road Again; Barbecue University With Steven Raichlen; The Best Recipes in the World With Mark Bittman of The New York Times; Chez Pépin; Dessert Circus With Jacques Torres; Passover: Traditions Of Freedom; Spoonful Of Ginger: Food As Medicine; Pierre Franey’s Cooking In America, Cooking In Europe and Cooking In France; and Jacques Pépin: The Apprentice – Then & Now. Pinsky will also produce the upcoming Kimchi Chronicles With Marja and Jean-Georges.

“Charlie has been a leader in developing high-quality, high-impact lifestyle programs for public television viewers,” Fenneman said. “From Spain….on the road Again to the upcoming Kimchi Chronicles With Marja and Jean-Georges, Charlie’s programs have enriched and enlightened all of our lives.”

Pinsky has produced many other cooking programs for public, network and cable television through his award-winning video production company, frappé, inc., including Redbook's Family Chef; Cuisine Rapide; and Jewish Cooking in America With Joan Nathan. Pinsky is a three-time winner of the James Beard Award for Best Television Cooking Series or Special.

Fenneman announced the awards at APT’s Fall Marketplace 2010 event, which marked the company’s 50th anniversary. Held from Nov. 10-13, 2010 in Palm Desert, Calif., the event included screening sessions for the nation’s public television programmers, and a number of professional development and networking opportunities for program producers, general managers and other public television leaders.

About American Public Television:
American Public Television (APT) has been a leading distributor of high-quality, top-rated programming to America’s public television stations since 1961. In 2009, APT distributed 56 of the top 100 highest-rated public television titles. Among its 300 new program titles per year are prominent documentaries, news and current affairs programs, dramatic series, how-to programs, children’s series and classic movies, including For Love of Liberty: The Story of America’s Black Patriots, A Ripple of Hope, Rick Steves' Europe, Newsline, Globe Trekker, Simply Ming, America's Test Kitchen From Cook’s Illustrated, Lidia's Italy, P. Allen Smith's Garden Home, Murdoch Mysteries, Doc Martin, Rosemary & Thyme, Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison, The Great American Songbook and John Denver: The Wildlife Concert. APT also licenses programs internationally through its APT Worldwide service. In 2006, APT launched Create® – the TV channel featuring the best of public television's lifestyle programming. APT is also a partner in the WORLD™ channel expansion project including its web presence at For more information about APT’s programs and services, visit For more information on Create, visit
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