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Atlanta DIY Expert Hosts National New Digital Series “DIY Inspired Upcycling with Dinah Wulf” on

Hosted by Dinah Wulf, 2020 National Create Crafts Challenge Second Prize Winner

BOSTON, October 13, 2021— American Public Television (APT), the original home to public television’s lifestyle experts and sponsor of the Create Crafts Challenge on national public television multicast channel Create®, today announced the premiere of the second of two weekly digital short-form video series encouraging do-it-yourselfers across the country to rethink home projects. Following the late September release of DIY with Martin Amado hosted by Create’s Crafts Challenge Grand Prize Winner Miami native Martin Amado, on Tuesday, November 9th, DIY Inspired Upcycling with Dinah Wulf hosted by Second Prize Winner and Greater Atlanta resident Dinah Wulf premieres.

The 10-part DIY with Martin Amado hosted by Create Crafts Challenge 2020 Grand Prize Winner and television personality Martin Amado (seen on Telemundo and commercial TV across South Florida) features a mix of projects designed to help viewers enhance their living space both inside and out. Atlanta’s Dinah Wulf, a nationally acclaimed, award-winning upcycling expert and Crafts Challenge 2020 Second Prize Winner, three-part digital series DIY Inspired Upcycling with Dinah Wulf, shares projects that offer tips to add panache to any home.

APT President and CEO, Cynthia Fenneman, praised Wulf, stating “Dinah’s skills, enthusiasm, and knowledge will be of great interest as our viewers take on her fun and easy DIY projects. Create audiences’ appetite for this kind of programming continues to grow and we feel fortunate to have a host like Dinah bring such a strong resume and great following to!” Distributed and produced by APT, The WNET Group, and GBH Boston, Create® is a national lifestyle channel carried by 239 local public television stations, featuring food, travel, home and garden, arts & crafts, fitness, and living content.

Dinah Wulf is committed to upcycling. As host of DIY Inspired Upcycling with Dinah Wulf, she calls herself “the consummate user of items considered to have outlived their purpose.” Through her blog, social media pages and a host of national and local media efforts, Dinah reaches an audience of millions seeking ways to re-use materials to create items for the home, for gifts and for fun.

DIY Inspired Upcycling with Dinah Wulf
Called “THE Upcycling Expert” by a host of national media sources from CNN to Disney to shelter magazines and online sources from Mashable to Parent’s Magazine, Wulf’s is passionate about repurposing goods. Winning the Second Prize in the first national Create Crafts Challenge is but one of the many awards she has received, and the list keeps growing. In 2019, her blog - DIY Inspired - was named among the nation’s top DIY blogs by editors covering topics including: Parenting, Home Improvement, Outdoor Living, Party Planning, Home DIY, Fearless Female DIY Bloggers, Craft Blogs, Best Home Makeover, and the Top 100 Blogs to Follow. With the launch of her three-part digital series DIY Inspired Upcycling with Dinah Wulf on, Dinah shares projects that are functional, purposeful, and attractive.

Her favorite projects focus on “trash to treasure.” She got her start while living in Anaheim, California by launching her blog which gained national attention. Her writing soon focused on hundreds of crafts she could teach, which turned into brief stints in local and national magazines like Woman’s Day and Real Simple. Just in time for Halloween, her projects were noticed by a local TV show, “Good Day LA,” and, her passion was becoming a business.

In 2017, Dinah started a YouTube channel which continues to grow in popularity. Her blog and social media platforms blossomed. She also has a shop on Etsy offering digital products that are printable and usable for everything from money holders to cards and more. With tens of millions of followers on social media platforms including Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok, she creates videos in formats for each of these platforms where length, size and voice make a difference. This is where she most connects with followers. Along with the help of her oldest daughter (she has two daughters, 11 and 5) she regularly shares new creations.

Originally from Maryland, Dinah moved to California to attend college. Once married, her family lived in California’s Orange County for about 10 years. Within days of learning she was the Second Prize Winner for the Create Crafts Challenge, and in the midst of the early days of the pandemic, her family relocated to suburban Atlanta where her husband had accepted a new position. With the demands of growing children and new platforms requiring attention, she says she is grateful for a relatively “portable” career.

Though Dinah has fully shifted her career feeding many platforms for the DIY Inspired brand of projects, she draws heavily upon her Master’s Degree in Communications from California State University, Fullerton. The lessons she learned then taught to her college students, have helped Dinah connect with media platforms across the country, from USA Today to Country Living, a host of additional home and shelter magazines to local news and, most recently, CNN. The work featured on local and national media has given her a chance to connect as an ambassador for more than 70 primarily craft-related product brands, working commercial efforts as well as charity events.

Wulf loves exploring new techniques and what interests audiences of all ages. She says items like her contest entry – an Easy DIY Paper Pop-Out Gift Box – “can be created by anyone using materials found around the house.” The judges loved her video and her clear instructions, stating they could “make this easily,” adding that they “can’t wait to see more from Dinah!”

Create Crafts Challenge 2020
Wulf was selected from a nationwide pool of entries by judges who are among public television’s best known makers. Conducted as the nationwide quarantine took hold last March, the Create Crafts Challenge 2020 was judged by iconic television crafts experts, including Julie Fei-Fan Balzer (Make It Artsy), Eric Gorges (A Craftsman’s Legacy), Scott Phillips (The American Woodshop), Peggy Sagers (Fit2Stitch), Lena Skvagerson (Knit and Crochet Now!) , and Fenneman. Nearly 100 entrants submitted an original video of three minutes or less featuring their best crafts project, idea or tip. Submissions were scored based on each entrant’s demonstrated knowledge, skills and familiarity with their chosen craft, ability to present ideas succinctly, overall telegenic appeal, uniqueness, and, production values.

The Grand Prize and Second Prize award-winners were provided a cash prize and production equipment to produce each respective digital series for release on the Create channel website: Entries from the top 18 winners may be viewed on

# # # About Create:
For 16 years, Create® has been the premier lifestyle channel featuring public television’s most popular how-to series, focused on food, travel, home & garden, arts & crafts, fitness, and lifestyle. Create is produced and distributed by American Public Television (APT), The WNET Group, and GBH Boston, in association with National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA) and PBS. Create TV is carried by 239 local public television stations nationwide, reaching more than 86% of USTVHH, and is seen in 21 of the top 25 U.S. television markets. Create’s companion website features extensive video, the Create TV schedule, program and host information.

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