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Bill Moyers Provides Statement Regarding His Retirement

Hello, everyone, this is Bill.  I've been reading some of your comments about my retirement and I want to assure you that I leaving of  my own free will. There's been no conspiracy to drive me out.  Surely you know I would be the first to protest publicly if there were.  Some of you loyalists seem to think there's a contradiction between what I said  back in September  when I announced that this third retirement is the real deal and what I said the other day when I reminded everyone that next week's show would be my last.  In September I did say that "it's been a good run" and "it's finally time to sign off" because both are true.  That "good run" has lasted for 43 years, I've had the time of my life, and I've enjoyed an independence rare for a broadcast journalist.   Some outside forces -- corporate and political -- tried to get me off the air from time to time but always failed.  There's been no such effort this time.  Having turned 80  I am leaving of my own accord; no one's pushing me; no one has de-funded me; it's simply time to go.  I will miss the community that has grown up around the show -- kindred spirits like you --  and I will miss my colleagues.  But as you will find out  yourself, that's life; good-byes are inevitable. ... My best wishes  to each and everyone of you.  -Bill Moyers
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