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Nightly Business Report Returns to American Public Television for U.S. Distribution

Award-winning, week-daily business program returns as part of APT Exchange lineup with multi-platform offerings for local public television stations and online viewers nationwide.

(BOSTON, November 17, 2011) – American Public Television (APT), the longest operating national distributor of public television programming in the U.S., and WPBT2 Miami announced today that Nightly Business Report (NBR), one of television’s most watched business news programs, will again be distributed by APT. Part of APT Syndication’s lineup for nearly 25 years, NBR has been recently distributed by PBS for more than five years.

“Not only are we excited to renew our partnership with this distinguished news program and presenting station WPBT2,” said Cynthia Fenneman, APT president and CEO, “we are pleased that every subscriber to APT Exchange will have access to the series with its many news features based on NBR’s status as a fully funded program.”

Launched in January 1979 by the Miami public television station WPBT2, where it was produced as a regional series, NBR immediately gained national interest. In 1981, APT Syndication began national distribution of the series, and NBR quickly grew in popularity, with strong, national carriage by 90 percent of the nation’s public television stations. The series is co-anchored by Susie Gharib and Tom Hudson.

“We are excited to reconnect with APT after a more than five-year hiatus, and are confident this move will greatly enhance the future growth of the entire NBR news enterprise,” said Rick Ray, CEO of NBR Worldwide, Inc. “We are grateful to all of the talented people at PBS and APT who have ensured the continued success of Nightly Business Report.”

In addressing the return of NBR, Fenneman applauded the recent and planned advances for the series with “even more comprehensive value to public media by expanding NBR’s news coverage, regional news bureaus, new studio space at the NYSE and online platform.” Fenneman pointed to the commitment the series has made not only to report business and financial news but to also provide support to viewers through online tools and resources.

“In addition, with the launch of its new website, NBR will enable public television stations’ viewers and online viewers to watch updated broadcasts after they air,” said Fenneman. Ray added “several of the contributors featured on the broadcast will add their expertise to an NBR e-newsletter. This e-newsletter will provide comprehensive news, analysis, investment information and strategies.”

According to WPBT2 and NBR’s production team, the evolution of the daily series has gained significant support from viewers seeking information provided in their specials – targeting investors of all ages – as well as in using the various online tools provided on the series’ website. “We are delighted to be working with APT again on NBR,” said Rick Schneider, president/CEO of presenting station, WPBT2. “APT was instrumental in the early national success of Nightly Business Report, and I am confident our renewed relationship will enhance the series for its next phase of growth.”

NBR was recognized at the 2004 Business and Financial Emmy® Awards for its 25 years of business reporting for its commitment to cover the world of business news as well as its continued dedication to providing investment and economic news to help individuals manage their money – “a goal still key to the program’s mission every day,” according to Tom Hudson, managing editor and co-anchor of NBR.

About APT
American Public Television (APT) has been a leading distributor of high-quality, top-rated programming to America’s public television stations since 1961. Since 2004, APT has distributed approximately half of the top 100 highest-rated public television titles. Among its 300 new program titles per year are prominent documentaries, news and current affairs programs, dramatic series, how-to programs, children’s series and classic movies, including BBC World News, NHK Newsline, Consuelo Mack Wealthtrack, Moyers & Company, AfroPop, For Love of Liberty: The Story of America’s Black Patriots, A Ripple of Hope, Rick Steves' Europe, Globe Trekker, Simply Ming, Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope, America's Test Kitchen From Cook’s Illustrated, Lidia's Italy, P. Allen Smith's Garden Home, Midsomer Murders, and Doc Martin, APT also licenses programs internationally through its APT Worldwide service. In 2006, APT launched and nationally distributed Create® – the TV channel featuring the best of public television's lifestyle programming. APT is also a partner in the WORLD™ channel expansion project including its web presence at For more information about APT’s programs and services, visit For more information on Create, visit

About WPBT2
South Florida’s premier public broadcaster, WPBT2, is a community-licensed, not-for-profit media enterprise serving communities from the Treasure Coast to the Florida Keys. WPBT2 provides high quality content from PBS, independent acquisitions and its own original productions. WPBT2’s digital media platform, offers: 2HD, a 24-hour high definition channel; Digital 2.2, a mix of Science & Nature Channel, The Florida Channel and Create; Digital 2.3, V-me, a 24-hour national Spanish-language network; and, the WPBT2 website including, Impromp2 (a community blog), the WPBT2 Video Player and uVu, a video sharing website. About Nightly Business Report: America’s longest running business program, the Emmy® award-winning Nightly Business Report has provided business news in a fast-paced, unbiased format for more than three decades. Timely investment information helps viewers manage their money and stay abreast of the news that affects their portfolios. Nightly Business Report premiered as a Miami regional program on January 22, 1979, with national distribution beginning in 1981. Underwritten by Franklin Templeton Investments, Nightly Business Report is distributed live to public television stations at 6:30pm ET every weeknight. Local broadcast times vary.

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