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Bob Ross Painting Featured in Presidential Library


Press Contact:
Jamie Haines
(617) 338-4455, ext. 129

Original Bob Ross Painting Featured in Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library’s Public Broadcasting Exhibit

The library will feature Ross’ “Gray Mountain” in an exhibit commemorating the Public Broadcasting Act’s 50th anniversary

BOSTON (June 8, 2017) – American Public Television (APT), the leading syndicator of high-quality, top-rated programming to the nation’s public television stations since 1961, announced today that the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library will exhibit “Gray Mountain,” an original painting by public television icon Bob Ross (THE JOY OF PAINTING). The exhibit, titled “On the Air: 50 Years of Public Broadcasting,” celebrates the Public Broadcasting Act’s 50th anniversary.

The Public Broadcasting Act, signed into law by President Johnson in 1967, led to the establishment of The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and National Public Radio (NPR). The act provides funding for public broadcast stations and prohibits them from supporting political candidates, ensuring their programming is truly in the public’s interest.

The public television series THE JOY OF PAINTING, distributed by APT since 1983, was the program that introduced the world to the calming voice and voluminous curly hair of master art instructor Bob Ross. Ross hosted the series until his death in 1995, guiding viewers through his signature wet-on-wet technique to create paintings of natural landscapes, including mountains, forests, and waterfalls. THE BEST OF THE JOY OF PAINTING - a compilation of favorite episodes from the original run - may be seen on public television stations, Create TV, the premier lifestyle channel featuring public television’s most popular how-to series, and on a variety of popular digital services.

The Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library, located in Austin, Texas, will display “Gray Mountain” from June 24 to November 12, 2017.

About APT:
American Public Television (APT) is the leading syndicator of high-quality, top-rated programming to the nation’s public television stations. For more than 10 years, APT has annually distributed one-third or more of the top 100 highest-rated public television titles in the U.S. Founded in 1961, among its 250 new program titles per year, APT programs include prominent documentaries, performance, news and current affairs programs, dramas, how-to programs, children’s series and classic movies. America’s Test Kitchen From Cook’s Illustrated, Cook’s Country, AfroPoP, Rick Steves’ Europe, Front and Center, Doc Martin, Nightly Business Report, Midsomer Murders, A Place to Call Home, Lidia’s Kitchen, Globe Trekker, Simply Ming, and P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home are a sampling of APT’s programs, considered some of the most popular on public television. APT licenses programs internationally through its APT Worldwide service. Now in its 12th year, Create®TV — featuring the best of public television's lifestyle programming — is distributed by American Public Television. APT also distributes WORLD™, public television’s premier news, science and documentary channel. To find out more about APT’s programs and services, visit

Download an image of Bob Ross painting "Gray Mountain."

Download an image of Bob Ross' "Gray Mountain."

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