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APT Worldwide

Launched in 1999, APT Worldwide is a leading source for high-quality, non-fiction programming in the international marketplace.

APT Worldwide licenses innovative programming in the U.S. and internationally, to provide program producers and suppliers with revenue streams and increased exposure for their productions.

APT Worldwide licenses programming worldwide and across multiple distribution platforms, including terrestrial, cable, digital, satellite, HD, DVD, Internet, mobile, SPTV, and educational. APT Worldwide's partners include Discovery Channels International, National Geographic, NHK, BBC, RAI, Al Jazeera, YLE, Ovation, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, SABC and the CBC, among many others.

APT Worldwide catalog encompasses all non-fiction genres: art and culture, biography, business, technology, current affairs, general documentaries, feature-length, history, lifestyle, performance, science/health, nature and sports. Its best-selling series include: Ultimate Battles, CEO Exchange, Art Wolfe's Travels to the Edge, New Scandinavian Cooking, Keeping Score and The War That Made America, as well as the documentaries Senator Obama Goes to Africa, Buffett & Gates Go Back to School and Between the Folds.

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