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APT Exchange, one of APT’s three programming divisions, supplies quality programming to public television stations nationwide and also serves as a distribution gateway for both stations and independent producers.

Virtually all U.S. public television licensees subscribe to the APT Exchange service and, as a result, may access its entire inventory of more than 800 titles and 3,000 television hours. This includes the roughly 130 new titles we add each year.

Our ever-growing catalog contains highly rated and award-winning cooking, travel and lifestyle series hosted by some of public television’s most-recognizable faces; high-profile primetime programs; fully packaged pledge events for fundraising purposes; and strong documentaries, music performances, children's programming, and news and public affairs series.

Additionally, many of Exchange’s signature series appear on Create® and WORLD, two of public television's most popular multicast channels. For Create®, these include the long-running lifestyle series America's Test Kitchen From Cook's Illustrated, The Best of the Joy of Painting (Bob Ross), Lidia's Kitchen, P. Allen Smith's Garden Home and Rick Steves' Europe.

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