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Product Information FAQs

Where can I purchase a copy of a program I saw on public television?

Public television programs come from a variety of sources and thus, program-related merchandise (DVD, Blu-Ray, CDs, books, etc…) may be purchased in a variety of ways. If you cannot order through your local public television station, then we encourage you to check the individual program page on There, you will often find product details, pricing and ordering details. If you still cannot find product information, then we suggest you visit the producer’s website listed on the APT program pages. Otherwise, no merchandise is currently available.

Where can I find a program that aired many years ago?

Generally, APT is only given rights to distribute a program to stations for a few years. At that time, the rights revert to the producers, who may sell it to a commercial channel or distribute it via some other means. Unfortunately, stations may not broadcast even the most popular of the older programs without the rights. The same applies for DVDs. Video distribution lies at the discretion of the producer/copyright holder. Also, if your "favorite old show" dates back to the 1970s and '80s, most producers at that time did not consider video distribution.

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