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Where to Watch

Not sure where to start? Use the search tool.
  1. Enter the program title above.
  2. Enter your ZIP code in the box at right.
  3. Select your TV provider.
  4. Select your channel.
Although handy, this tool is subject to some straightforward restrictions that may limit its utility:
  • This tool is only as accurate as the listings we get from the PBS schedule services, Gracenote and public TV stations.
  • In some cases programs do not show up correctly in schedule listings. This is caused by a process breakdown between broadcasting stations and/or Gracenote and/or PBS.
  • Station listings are only available & accurate 14 days in advance, even if stations plan their schedules beyond that timeframe.
  • The "Where to Watch" tool can only query and display listings for one ZIP code/market at a time.
  • A search on any given ZIP code may not return any listings, even though that ZIP code might be served by a station intending to broadcast the program you seek.
  • Rarely, individual ZIP codes may not match the correct market, and may return irrelevant station listings, or none at all.
Please note: APT may attempt to fix some of these issues, but we cannot guarantee resolution in every situation due to circumstances beyond our control.
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