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Premium Service

Formed in 1990, APT Premium Service — one of APT’s three programming divisions — is a co-production, co-financing and acquisition fund that provides fundraising specials to its member stations. Through the creation of original programming concepts and the acquisition of existing high-quality programs, Premium Service has distributed more than 260 specials, including some of public television's most prestigious and highest-rated programs.
Submission Process
If you feel your program or proposal is suitable for public television fundraising, feel free to e-mail

We will evaluate it on the basis of quality, appeal to the pledge demographic, credentials and experience of the producers and talent, etc… If interested, we may ask you to send a DVD screener or sample of the project so that we can better define the opportunity. Ancillary products -- such as books, DVDs and/or CDs to support the program -- are a must. Premium Service does not fully fund projects; producers must find additional funding sources.

Premium Service staff will contact you if they feel your proposal or program has fundraising potential within the scope of our resources. Not every submission will receive a reply; it is not unusual for anyone with a performance program and a DVD to think that theirs is the next Big Thing. We do receive many unsolicited projects but few are ultimately projects that we will pursue.

If the program or idea is of interest we will contact you to learn more and will, at the appropriate time, share specifics about production requirements and deliverables.

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