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Why APT?

Because we have a track record for quality
Since 1961, American Public Television (APT) has distributed thousands of hours of groundbreaking content to help local public television stations customize their schedules and engage, educate and entertain their viewers. Stations rely upon APT, the longest-running public television content distributor, to meet their specific market demands and strengthen their primary and multicast channels.

APT supplies public television stations with high-quality programming ranging from the lifestyle series Rick Steves’ Europe and America’s Test Kitchen, to compelling documentaries such as D Day: Over Normandy and Orchard House: Home of Little Women. Our current inventory includes series and specials encompassing a variety of other genres, from public affairs and news to drama, entertainment and comedy. At any given time, stations have access to more than 4,000 hours of available programming.

For the past several years, APT has delivered approximately one-third of the top 100 highest-rated titles on public television*.
Because we market programs to public television stations
We do more than simply feed programs. We partner with producers, station relations professionals and publicists to create persuasive offer materials and secure station clearances.

And our track record is impressive:
Because we have program development expertise
We work with stations, producers and distributors to help shape content, program design and pledge formats. Programs we help develop often rank among the highest-rated and most successful fund-raising programs on public television. And, we provide guidance, vetting and feedback to help independent producers navigate the public television system.
Because we offer distribution options
Whether you seek maximum carriage, a marketing platform for ancillary merchandise or a license fee, American Public Television offers a variety of distribution services to meet your goals. Our three programming services — Exchange, Premium Service and Syndication — complement each other and provide optimum flexibility to producers and to stations.
Because we can customize a support package to meet your needs
Our seasoned staff can help you design a package of support services tailored to your project and your budget. From à la carte to full-service, we will work to ensure your program’s success on public television.
Because we’re a good value
Our basic service incorporates a wide array of marketing and distribution services and we offer additional options, including promotion and ongoing carriage reports at modest additional fees. By any standard, APT remains an excellent value.
Why American Public Television?
Because viewers deserve to see your quality production and APT can organize comprehensive distribution and marketing strategies to maximize its broadcast and promotion. That’s the American Public Television difference.

* Data provided by Nielsen Media Research, processed by TRAC Media Services.
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