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Toolkit Overview

Is APT distributing your program?

If so, please request a login (click "login help" above) and an APT representative will provide you with a username and password after confirming the status of your submission. This login will grant you access to our Producer's Toolkit, where you can quickly and easily access the tools you need to package, master and promote your accepted APT program.

Please do not begin the packaging and delivery process unless you receive confirmation from an APT staff member. This is to ensure that producers do not package programs to APT specs prior to acceptance.

Children's Programming (APT Exchange suppliers only)
Download information regarding children's program formats and guidelines for merchandise.

Flags & Content Advisories
Download the guidelines and approval form for programs containing objectionable content.

Fundraising & Pledge
Download the pledge event guidelines and pledge information form.

Interstitial Guidelines
Download the Interstitial Guidelines.

Music Cue Sheet
Download the music cue sheet in two formats.

Product Offers
Offering merchandise at the end of your program? Download our product offer tag guidelines and approval forms.

Presenting Station Toolkit (APT Exchange suppliers only)
Access presenting station requirements (submission, on-air product offer, underwriting, website and promotion requirements, guidelines and forms).

Production Tips
Download production tips, including advice for producing with Zoom.

Program Deliverables Timeline (APT Exchange suppliers only)
Download a form detailing Exchange's timeline for distribution.

Production Credits (APT Exchange suppliers only)
Download the guidelines for determining the length, placement and content for production credits.

Program Format Templates (APT Exchange suppliers only)
Download the suggested order for various packaging elements in your program.

Promotion Deliverables (APT Exchange suppliers only)
Learn about the promotional assets needed to distribute a station-presented program.

Promotion Style Guide
Download the APT logo and other distributor assets.

Retransmission Royalties
Learn if your program qualifies to receive retransmission royalties.

Station Relations and System Marketing Contacts
Download a list of national station relations contacts to assist with carriage, promotion and more.

Technical | Packaging | Deliverables
Download for program format information, shipping instructions, packaging requirements, tech specs for your program and promos.

TV Content Ratings
Find definitions and determine placement for adding a TV Rating icon to your program.

Underwriting and National Program Funding Guidelines
Download APT's funding guidelines and approval forms.

Website Tag & Markers
Download the guidelines and approval forms for listing a website during a program.

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